April 16, 2014

Are You Saving Your iPhone SHSH Blobs? [GUIDE]

Do you own an iPhone? Is there a possibility that you will ever want to jailbreak said iPhone? Maybe you want to sell your new iPhone 4 on Ebay next year? If so you need to save your iPhone SHSH blobs RIGHT NOW!

The iPhone DevTeam will soon release a jailbreak and unlock for ALL iOS devices running on iOS 4.0.1. iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, you name it, each and every device will be covered. This is very good news for any potential jailbreaker. However, as soon as Apple releases 4.1 (which is currently in beta) you may lose this opportunity.

Even if you never update to 4.1 intentionally, your iPhone may freeze up one day and you’ll have to do a full system restore to get it back up running. Trust me, this has happened to me before! This means that you will have to restore to whichever version of iOS is the latest at that moment, since Apple doesn’t allow us to restore to previous firmware versions anymore starting with the iPhone 3GS. That’s why you want to save your SHSH blobs for 4.0.1 RIGHT now. The SHSH blobs will allow you to restore to 4.0.1 even after 4.1, 4.2, or even 4.3 are out.

Don’t ask any more questions! Saving your SHSH blobs will take you one minute. Just do it! You can thank us later.

Here is how:

1) Download TinyUmbrella. The official website is here, but I found that the download from this unofficial mirror is currently more reliable.

2) Place TinyUmbrella in your applications folder and open the program.

3) Connect your iPhone.

4) Make sure the correct iPhone is selected. Then press advance and verify that Device/Version is set to your iPhone and 4.0.1. Next choose ‘Cydia’ in the ‘Request From:’ field. Take a look at the screenshot below for an iPhone 4 example.

5) Click ‘Save My SHSH’ on top.

6) Make sure you get the ‘SHSH SUCCESSFULLY saved!’ message you can see in the screenshot above.

7) You’re done! The SHSH has been save on your hard drive as well as Cydia. You can request it in the future to restore your iPhone to iOS 4.0.1!

Optional: Click on the ‘Click Here to Open’ link and save the file that will pop up in a safe location. This will prevent you from accidentally deleting the local copy of your SHSH in the future.

Seriously. Just do this! And do it soon!

You’re welcome!

About Philipp
Philipp lives in Los Angeles and writes as a freelance author for The Apple Press and FOCUS Online. You can contact him on his Twitter.


  1. Kevin says:

    I try to save my SHSH but i getting the message as

    09/11/2010 22:54:32.573 Asking CYDIA for SHSH blobs for iPhone4 4.0.1 (8A306)…
    09/11/2010 22:54:35.475 This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.

    Is that mean i no longer able to save my SHSH?

    Please advise, thanks!

  2. johnnytogo says:
  3. dalton says:

    ive just read this and i have an iphone 3g still running on 3.1.3 will i not b able to save my shsh blobs anymore?

  4. phonezoo.com says:

    This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something that helped
    me. Thank you!


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